The Significance Of Responsive Web Design In The Current Digital World

With the increasing number of mobile users, advancement in technologies, and changes in search engine’s algorithms; responsive design has become the need of the present digital world.

Everyone, who wants a website for their business, wants a mobile version or mobile app too. If you want to achieve success, you have to consider mobile users too.

Internet and technological advancement has enabled people to access internet on their fingertip. You can browse any website, e-store, and any information in your Smartphone at your comfort. People are spending a significant time on their phone and internet. So if you want to make your business successful and want to grab attention from a larger group of users, you should consider mobile users as well.

Let’s see why responsive design is so important and what it really means for the users and for a website owner.

Create a website to every type of users

Nowadays, there are various types of mobile devices, laptops, and computers available in the market. There are various screen sizes available in these electronic devices. It is almost impossible to develop any website or app for every screen size individually to fit perfectly in all devices. Now, responsive design will come in handy. With responsive design methods, you can create a website or app or any digital product that will adapt to the screen size on its own and you don’t need to develop digital products for a specific device only.

Responsive design fulfills search engines requirements

Google has already announced that the search engine page ranking algorithm will prefer the website first that prefers its mobile users. So, if you don’t work for your mobile users, you will be lagging behind your competitors on search engines. Also, when a major portion of users who are surfing net on their Smartphone are not able to find you and land on your website, your website will get less number of traffic. This will affect the SEO ranking of your website.

Responsive design is a must have web design technique

Responsive web design enables your website to react according to the environment. Your website will adapt to the size of the device’s screen and offer a pleasant browsing experience on any device. It reacts according to the user’s behavior, types of devices, platforms, and orientation.

The responsive design practice uses flexible layouts and grids, images, and CSS media queries. Whenever a user switches to a new device, website will automatically adapt the resolution, scripting liabilities and image size to justify with the screen size and browsers.

During the designing of the website, designers also need to consider the setting of the user’s device such as setting of VPN for iOS on apple devices. In other words, responsive design will induce the ability to responds as per users’ preferences to the website. This eliminates the need of designing and developing a different code for each individual devices available in the market.

Be Ready For Future

New mobile devices and laptops keep coming up with various resolutions. In future, we can expect a much bigger picture. It’s not easy to keep up the web design and development practices with the unlimited new resolution and devices, not now and not even in the future. It would be impractical and impossible to create a website version for every device and available resolutions for most websites.

Should we just consider losing visitors from one device and expect to gain from other device? Of course not, responsive web designing will help us in saving our money and effort.

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