Fundamentals Of Ecommerce Business Model

Online shopping has gained a significant place in the today’s busy life. You can order food, clothes, accessories, electronic items, groceries, furniture, and others necessary items at your doorstep. In fact, you can shop for anything on internet from a house to needle, from luxury items to daily household items. You can even sell your own stuff on the internet in the same way as you are buying the stuff. Whether you have a business idea in mind or you just want to sell an old piece of furniture; you can take help from internet.

The commercial internet transaction is Ecommerce

This selling and buying process over the internet is called Ecommerce business. Ecommerce which is also called as internet commerce or electronic commerce simply refers to the buying and selling of any products with the use of internet. Generally, sale of products are considered as Ecommerce but it can be any kind of commercial transaction done over the internet.

There are various tools and systems available for various processes to make the online transaction safer, smoother, and easier. For instance, mobile apps ease the shopping experience and online payment encryptions secured the online payment transaction.

Ecommerce versions

Ecommerce business is of various types based on the nature of buyers and sellers that are involved:

  1. Business to Business (B2B)

 The ecommerce transaction happens between two businesses such as transaction between a manufacturer and retailer.


  1. Business to Consumer (B2C)

The ecommerce transaction happens between a business and a consumer. For instance, if you buy a pair of shoes from an online retailer, the process will be considered as B2C ecommerce transaction.



  1. Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

When a consumer involved with the online transaction with another consumer, the process is called C2C ecommerce model. This kind of online business model can be seen on eBay.


  1. Consumer to Business (C2B)

C2B relates to a business model where a consumer sells their products or services to a business. For instance, photos on iStockphotos uploaded by the photographers that can be purchased by a business.

Why ecommerce business model has become so popular

These days, people are spending a lot of time on internet and Smartphone. They want to explore the world on their fingertips. This is the reason they appreciate instant and convent services. Also, people have busy life; they don’t have enough time to explore the local market for everything. Ecommerce business is making life easy and convenient. Now, you can order almost everything from your mobile at your doorstep. You can save your time, effort, and money for fuel in few simple steps. Moreover, you can order things from other cities or even countries from the comfort of your home. There are little benefits that you can avail with ecommerce business model:

  • A physical store is limited to a specific geographical area, but an ecommerce store helps you to reach out to the global seller and buyers.
  • The service is available 24×7.
  • With automated inventory management tool, it is quite easy to handle and maintain order, delivery, sales, and payment process.
  • Advertisement and marketing becomes easier, cheaper, and more specific. Now, you can target specific group of audience with compelling text and images.


Ecommerce business model has reached a significant level of popularity and success. In fact, these days it has become necessary to have an online presence for every business for maximum business result.

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