Don’t Confuse Between UI And UX Design

Many people consider that UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design practices are same but these two are completely different. UI design is based on colors, fonts, screens, pages, buttons, icons, etc. The visual representation of websites or apps or any digital products are generally related to UI designs. On the other hand, UX designs are the experience received by the users while using a website or app or digital products.

Whether you are working on websites, mobile apps, or any other digital product; UI and UX designs are the most essential parts of the development phase. In recent years, the two terms have gained a new identity in tech industry. With UI/UX designing practices, companies are building more winning products. To build a successful product, it becomes important to make sure that more number of people get attracted towards it. Additionally, it becomes important to take care how they can help people to understand and use a products in much seamless and pleasant way. UI/UX designing practices play a vital role in making a product’s presentation better.

Let’s see how you can differentiate and use them wisely for your requirement.

What is UI (User Interface?)

The user interface is basically concern to the visual appearance of any digital products. The UI designer will design and show you how your products including apps and website will look. As look is the first thing that attracts people, so a good UI design will attract more number of new users and force them to interact with the products.

Images, videos, text, documents, buttons, colors, font style, tags, text fields, list styles, graphic designs are some of the elements of the UI designing practices. UI designers need to be creative, innovative, and should have technical skills as well. Their job is to create a compelling design that can connect to users’ heart and mind.

What is UX (User Experience)?

User Experience designing practice is a process which is responsible for the experience gained by a user for a digital product. It is very important in building relationship between the customer and the company’s products. It involves research, development and overall improvement on all the features of the product so that the users have a satisfactory interaction with it. The aim is to try to improve the user’s experience of using the product through rigorous testing thus creating an end product which is useful, easy to use and moreover pleasing to the eye.

Which one would be more beneficial for you?

Now that you know there is a difference between UI and UX design, you may ask the question as to which one you should use for your next digital product development project. Then you should know that both of these complement each other. It means both designing practices are equally important and you cannot eliminate any of them from your project.

It does not matter how pleasing the UI is, without UX, it is useless and the underlying needs of the users are not met. This goes the other way as well. Even a great UX is useless without a pleasing UI design. UI and UX design complement each other and plays an important factor for deciding the internal mechanism and the external look of front end.

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