Let Your Business Grow With Your Own Explainer Video

These days, video holds a special place in marketing and branding. Almost every business is taking advantage of videos in there business process in some way or other. Explainer video is one of the video marketing techniques that helps businesses to educate their audience about the products, services, businesses, events, and similar other things.

One survey shows that almost 88% of the businesses use at least one explainer video and get the exploded benefits. Whenever you want to engage with your audience in the most effective way, nothing can be as much effective as a video. In fact, most of the people agreed in a survey that they would rather like to watch a video than read any text.

So, no one can deny the fact that a video can be highly beneficial to a business. Now, let’s see what explainer video is and how it works to bring benefits for a business.

What do you mean by an explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short video highlighting company’s services, products or ideas in an efficient and compelling way. The main purpose of an explainer video is to be used for sales or marketing purposes. The perfect place to put your explainer video to achieve best results is your homepage or your landing page. You can also post the video on social media platforms like facebook to achieve a greater outreach.

explainer video

What makes an explainer video effective?

Creating an explainer video is not enough, you need to make it compelling and interesting so that more number of people can find it relevant and easy to understand. Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while making your explainer video:

  • It should match your brand and audience requirements
  • It should be created around the solution of a problem so that your audience can relate their problems and find the right solution
  • You must add and direct your audience as to what to do after watching the explainer video. It means you must highlight the Call to actions strongly
  • Keep the quality of your video high, so that audience can enjoy while watching it

How it could help a business

With the help of a video, you can explain everything in a faster and effective way. A video is not only watched by a large group of people but if it is found interesting, people will share it via whatsapp, Facebook, and other messenger too.

  • Help you communicate your business and brand message effectively
  • You can explain to your audience about your products, ideas, or processes
  • A video will capture your audience’s attention in no time
  • Using animation in your explainer video, you can bring your brand into motion
  • Video establishes trust in people’s mind and in this way you can intensify your relation with your audience.
  • If your video is interesting, it will connect your audience in a more effective way and can increase the conversion rate
  • A video on your website will not only attract more number of people but also hold your visitors for longer time on the website and thus contribute a vital role in SEO ranking as well.


There are so many benefits that you can retrieve from a good explainer video. The key is to find a great idea and to make a great video. If you are unable to do it by yourself, you can always contact an expert as well.